Cloud Computing Expected To Create A Revolution In Education Market

There is some really great news for the ones dealing with cloud computing. It has been predicted that cloud computing could fetch some $12 billion from the education market by 2019. This announcement has surely created a buzz in the audience of cloud computing. Cloud computing in the education market uses service model such as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS and deployment model such as private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud and community cloud. With this it also uses user type model of K-12 and higher education. The forecasted compounded annual growth rate of the market has been predicted at 19.9% by the year 2019.

Among the leading countries it has been predicted that North America is supposed to be the leading market of cloud computing. Europe and Asia pacific regions are also expected to increase their share in this market between 2014 and 2019. The news of cloud computing reaching the landmark of $12 billion by the year 2019 tells that the market would experience an up of $5.05 billion from the current year. This forecast has also been supported by market agents who believe that cloud computing role in education is a revolutionary one.

By revolution here the indication is not only towards the students but also towards the teachers and the administrators. With it time, money, space can be saved of everybody related to the education sector. Los Angeles Unified School District is one district that uses dropbox technology for storage using cloud computing. It is offering through dropbox a storage solution that is cloud based to almost 6.5 lakh students and 30000 teachers. The impact that cloud computing could have in the future has also been shown in CDW’s report.

The report reflects on the fact that almost 48% of the students in higher education wants to have a cloud computing in their education level. They desire this because cloud applications are used in all the leading industries. Thus through doing work in cloud applications they can create a better impression on their employers. Leading schools and colleges also prefer to use cloud as it is cost effective in nature along with being time saving. News also comes from the IT professionals in higher education that through cloud they can save an average 20% in the period of 2013-2017. Since cloud computing has been experiencing such a high demand it would not be wrong to expect its growth up to $12 billion by 2019.

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